We have divided our areas of expertise into four photo galleries.
Existing Gardens : New Gardens : Hard Landscaping : Planting Design

The Existing Gardens Gallery covers hard and soft landscape design, rejuvenating old and tired gardens. We create designs which work with the character of your existing planting. We may recommend retaining important specimen plants and trees whilst replacing tired, over-mature planting. We can also create completely new border designs or hard landscaping areas to work with your current garden layout.

Our New Garden Gallery shows both how we approach the blank canvas of a new-build home and the creation of a completely new garden design in an established location.

A complete garden design service

Design, construction & planting project management.
Providing an ongoing maintenance schedule.

planting design service

Rejuvenating or replacing over-mature planting. Workingin harmony with existing features.

The Hard Landscaping Gallery shows the selection, specification and construction design of built elements of your garden, including pergolas, decking, pathways, paving, raised planters, retaining walls and lighting. Our Planting Design Gallery encompasses all aspects of ‘soft landscaping’ – planting and horticulture.

A thorough survey is the starting point to our approach. We will assess your garden, noting important views and existing planting in your grounds or the surrounding area. The survey along with an in depth discussion about your needs and ideas, will form the starting point for the design process.

hard landscaping design exampleDesign and detailed construction drawings. Contractor and project management

planting design examplePlanting design for a completely new border or working with existing planting.

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“Trina and I have worked together for 10 years. Over that time my garden has extended and developed into a place I am proud to show our customers. Trina has been reliable, hardworking and helpful in all departments of the job. I thoroughly recommend Katrina Tolliday Garden Design for any garden transformation.”